Our Services

Labor and Event Consulting
Unlimited Productions is the one-stop solution for your labor needs.
Whether you just need a crew to fill your calls or require a customized labor solution for your event, we ensure success from conception to completion, hassle-free. We consider all pertinent factors, such as your budget, equipment, schedule and venue requirements in order to create your labor quote. Call us at 212.421.4224 or email.

Union and Non-Union Labor
We provide the right labor for your production.
Whether you require experienced union talent, skilled non-union specialists or qualified day workers, we will provide you with a hand-picked, reliable crew that will meet your expectations.

Payroll Services
We have the most comprehensive payroll service in the business.
Whether we payroll the labor we provide or the labor you hire, we will pay your people quickly and efficiently, at the minimum cost possible.

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Contact Us
For rates, labor, bookings or information
please contact us at

Unlimited Productions, Inc.
445 Park Avenue
Suite 1401
New York, NY 10022

Tel: 212.421.4224
Fax: 212.421.4850
Email: jimmy@unlimitedproductions.biz

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